The "river" that this thing spent the last 20 years is little more than a muddy sewage runoff that occasionally floods. When I read that it has good Northern Pike fishing, just need to find some structure, I didnt realize that structure was 3 wheeled microcars » 12/05/14 11:48pm 12/05/14 11:48pm

I've always been a Gawker fan, but recently, the articles they've been allowing to be published are getting less and less factual. It seems that authors are given free reign to make baseless inflammatory statements that serve as nothing more than click-bait. I thought they'd have more journalistic integrity, but… » 12/04/14 8:41am 12/04/14 8:41am

Pontiac G3....I believe only 6500 or so were sold in total...and at one time GM had nearly two years of supply on hand...May not have the low double or single digit numbers of some other cars that are going to be mentioned, but for a car that was supposed to be a volume seller?? » 12/03/14 11:52am 12/03/14 11:52am