Even me, with all my Panther love, cannot vote NP on this. Yeah Sports are probably the most desirable, with their center console shift, bucket seats, and sport suspension, but I can buy a PI for multiple thousands cheaper, in as good or better condition (at least what I can see from the pictures) that has beefier… » 4/09/15 10:02am 4/09/15 10:02am

Well according to the explanation, you can’t use the fob while it’s in the ignition, there’s no door unlock button on the interior, and the hatch auto locks. So basically, if you want to open the hatch. You have to turn the car off, get out and unlock with the fob, and then open it. Sounds like a PITA to me.
» 4/08/15 11:31am 4/08/15 11:31am

My understanding of a resto-mod, was putting modern suspension, engine, drivetrain, and conveniences into a survivor. My opinion would be this is a survivor with an air suspension. Now if you threw a LS, 4L60E, tubular A-arm suspension with that air ride, THEN it would be a resto-mod. That's just my understanding… » 4/04/15 5:38pm 4/04/15 5:38pm

Unrightfully so, but he'll probably go down as the person who killed Top Gear. Which is unfortunate, because all he did was get yelled at and get punched in the face. I'm sure he would love to put this whole thing behind him, but that's going to be awful hard, considering the passion many feel for the show.
» 3/27/15 12:04pm 3/27/15 12:04pm

I don't think anyone is defending what he did; he was clearly in the wrong. But to vilify him for losing control for 30 seconds? Please. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't rape little children. He didn't piss on someone's grave. He got into an argument, and punched a dude. He seems legitimately remorseful, he… » 3/25/15 11:03am 3/25/15 11:03am